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Posted by gm4uls on November 10, 2011

I have decided to QSY from to WordPress, everything seems ‘cleaner’ here, it’s an easier set-up to work with. I don’t know whether I’ll have much to blog about, but I’ll think of something, I’m sure. Meanwhile I’m building the site, so please bear with me.

There’s the possibility of some new equipment for 10m AM now that the sunspot cycle is getting interesting, but more of that anon…


5 Responses to “QRV”

  1. Hans said

    I use WordPress for my ham radio blog for many years now, and it proved to be great. About 10 meters AM: there’s enough activity just above 29 MHz, and only 25 Watts or so will travel around the globe with ease. For me, radio waves are still as magical as when I was a young boy.



    • gm4uls said

      Hello Hans.

      This has been my first week using 10m AM. My old FT-101ZD had had the AM function disabled many years ago in favour of an FM module – the rig used to belong to my father and he used it to drive various transverters for VHF/UHF. I am currently using my FT-847 for AM, but it occurs to me that AM is an afterthought on the 847. The quality is not very good. I have it set up as best I can according to the manual, but a US operator told me that what he was hearing was DSB with a little vestigial carrier, and that the upper sideband was much stronger than the lower. That’s why I’m thinking seriously about getting some dedicated gear for 10m.

      I’m thinking of the K-Po DX5000 or one of its clones. It’s basically a Chinese multi-mode with the look and feel of a CB. A cheap Zetagi B-150 amplifier would give me the option of higher power, say up to about 60W on AM if necessary.

      Ideally I wish that I hadn’t sold my FT-7B many years ago. That would have been a great rig for 10m AM.

      Thanks for the visit.


  2. Hans said

    The DX5000 seems to be a good rig for 10 AM. I worked a few Russian stations who were using them. AM sounded quite good actually.


  3. Mike said

    Good decision – QRX-ing to WordPress

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