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10m FM is very active…

Posted by gm4uls on November 13, 2011

… and the KQ2H repeater, in the Catskill Mts NY, has been end-stopping here every day for the past three weeks. My friend Ian, M1OOO (‘Mike One Triple-Oscar’) is always there. I received an email from M1PAH who is on holiday in Florida, to say that he was picking up my signal coming through the repeater on his VX-6 hand-held.


2 Responses to “10m FM is very active…”

  1. Hans said

    I heard your friend ‘triple oscar’ a few times today. AND I heard him on the repeater input thanks to backscatter! Backscatter seems to be common last week, also on 20. UK stations I normally can’t hear, as they’re under my first hop, can be worked now. I does sounds a bit weird though, like a goldfish in a bowl.

    • gm4uls said

      There has been a lot of comment in the UK about this phenomenon. The consensus is that the phenomenon is unseasonal Es, but I am one of the sizeable minority who do not buy this explanation. True I have noticed this kind of backscatter, or something like it, during regular Es conditions, but to my mind if there was Es as well as F layer ionisation we would hear all kinds of other short skip which we are not hearing. I remain convinced that it is indeed a back-reflection from the F layer.

      Ian M1OOO and I both heard the Stockholm repeater a couple of days ago on 29.620 while it was still too early for the US stations. I seem to recall that Ian told me that he turned his beam towards Stockholm and made a handful of contacts through it. If my hunch about the F layer is correct, he would have made better contacts beaming away from it!

      A year or so ago I became the subject of a pile-up on 20m, from stations in the South of England who could hear me. The best beam heading for them was at 90 degrees away.

      Propagation is a very strange thing!


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