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An ‘I-wish-I-still-had-that-rig’ moment

Posted by gm4uls on November 26, 2011

(c) GM4ULS

I found an old press cutting of myself in my shack in the late 1980s down in Shrewsbury, England, and it’s interesting to see the equipment I had at the time. I have had a bit of a struggle identifying some of the items but here’s what I think I can see.

Along the top shelf, left to right, there’s a monitor for my ATV, an FT-708R handie-talkie for 70cm, the rotator control, and a transverter for 23cm. The latter was home-made, but not by me. Along the next shelf is an FT-290R, a 70cm TV transceiver (again home-made, again not by me!), a Sommerkamp FT-7B, and you can just see the corner of an FT-790R. Along the back of the desk there are linear amplifiers for 2m and 70cm by Microwave Modules, with a tape deck sitting in between them. I believe the keyboard is a ‘pro’ unit for a Sinclair ZX Spectrum which I used mainly for RTTY.

The Sommerkamp FT-7B is the rig I wish I still had. It was a lovely little radio and its AM quality was really good. However, if I still had it there would be no reason for me to have bought the AT5555.


4 Responses to “An ‘I-wish-I-still-had-that-rig’ moment”

  1. Hans said

    Yes, the FT-7B is a very nice rig. It’s not perfect, of course. Filter wise, you need to stay away 5 KHz from other strong stations, while 3 KHz is enough space for modern receivers. Even the best receiver buckles now and then though. Some stations use a Turner +3B CB microhpne, gain set to Max, compression at 100%, and feed all of this into a dirty amp. Result: a crackling noise 50 KHz and down.

    • gm4uls said

      What do you think about using something like a Datong FL2 filter with the FT-7B? I have used one from time to time with my FT-101ZD although I didn’t really need to.

      • Hans said

        I’m not familiar with that filter, no idea if it would work or not.

      • gm4uls said

        I have one that used to belong to my late father. It works quite well, but I haven’t really bothered with it lately because the FT-101ZD seems to be pretty selective for a rig of that vintage. My initial experiments were really to see how FT-101ZD plus Datong filter compared to the built-in filters on my FT-847. I may give it another try and write it up for the blog.

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