GM4ULS ham radio station

a QRM-free zone!


Posted by gm4uls on January 16, 2012

The ‘Oops situation’ was corrected by the excellent R W Tech Services Ltd of Perth. However they noticed a weak point in the antenna construction – the jubilee clip holding the two forward section of the boom together. In their opinion this would be difficult to get to without lowering the mast; they certainly couldn’t reach it from the roof. Unfortunately the mast does not have a cantilever system and would have to be dismantled.

Although the riggers left the beam in as good a condition as they could, within two days the assembly had slipped slightly, as can be seen below.

It does work like this, but I am loath to disturb it. The riggers wondered whether it would not be better to secure the two forward boom sections by drilling a small hole and inserting a pin or a nut-and-bolt. The obvious disadvantage to that would be a structural weakening. In my opinion the only answer is to bolt a cross-piece, permanently or temporarily, as high as practicable up the square-section of the mast, to serve as somewhere to lash a ladder to.

News/solutions as they happen.


2 Responses to “Antennas”

  1. Hans said

    This looks way better than the previous situation.

    I think the wind speeds were high when things started to fall apart.

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