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10m mini-station up and running again.

Posted by gm4uls on May 10, 2012

Looking at the RM KL 203-P 10m linear amplifier you wouldn’t think that something so small would pack such a punch. However, thanks to the arrival of this inexpensive little device, the budget 10m station is back up and running again. It gets very hot, so I have mounted a fan just behind it. Also the off and on position of the switches appears to be the reverse of what one would normally expect. However, the pre-amp works. An input of around 8W AM from the AT-5555 will give about 75W out; I haven’t driven it with the full 10W specified, but it looks as though the claimed 100W will be just about achievable. Not that I would bother to run that power – given propagation on 10m it shouldn’t be necessary – I currently drive it with 5W in and I get 50W out.

The claimed PEP on SSB is 20W in for 200W out. That’s also possible, I guess, but again I don’t really plan to use the set-up on SSB much. The next step will be to re-programme the AT-5555. I haven’t quite decided what to put in, but I am probably going to ditch the 29.7 to 30 segment (unless someone out there tells me there’s something fascinating in that out-of-band segment to listen out for). I am considering programming some RX frequencies down on 11m, because I have often in the past used CB signals as a kind of unofficial beacon system and as indication that propagation was ‘climbing’.


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