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Time to get QSLing again

Posted by gm4uls on August 21, 2012

But hang on! I’ve had a rash of envelopes returned from bureau sub-managers lately together with notes saying ‘Not RSGB member’. The problem is that I actually hold, or have held, a number of different callsigns. There’s GM4ULS of course, and GM6MEN, but there are others such as MM0MHZ and GM1GHZ which I hold on behalf of the Backpackers Radio Group (formerly the Backpackers Microwave Group, formerly the Mersey Microwave Group). I got an email from the sub-manager to the effect that these ‘clubs’ don’t appear to be affiliated with the RSGB and so he’ll have to check. That’s notwithstanding I have already notified the RSGB months beforehand without the information being queried. Then there’s MM3BCP – to tell you the truth I’d forgotten all about that one! Neither MM0MHZ or GM1GHZ get much QSL traffic these days, and MM3BCP none at all, but there might just be the odd card still on its pilgrimage from a rock in the South Pacific to me. You never know…

The unavailability of IRCs in the UK now poses a problem for QSLing direct. Yesterday I had a QSO with VP8LP on 20m (along with EY8, VR2, V85, and 6W in quick succession – it was quite a day), my first contact with the Falklands*, and I would rather like to send and receive a card. However, looking at his details on I see that although he welcomes direct QSLs he doesn’t specify IRCs, dollars, UK currency, or anything. If I could buy a couple of IRCs at my local Post Office everything would be fine – I would simply risk that they would be ok in VP8 and send an SAE. Anyone out there QSLed the Falklands lately?

Many stations now use Paypal. I don’t know whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage. I do know that Paypal take whopping charges for a payment received.

Anyhow, here’s a couple of nice cards that turned up in the mail today:


*Mis amigos Sud-Americanos, por favor lean ‘Malvinas’.


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