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Getting marginal

Posted by gm4uls on October 2, 2012

There always seems to be something doing on HF these days, despite the solar forecast on GB2RS never getting above ‘low’ solar activity and MUF’s supposedly of around 20MHz. The other day I was sought by a procession of North American stations on 10m, all of whom wanted to talk to Scotland. During a lull in the mini-pile-up I chatted to a bloke in Michigan for half an hour about Doctor Who. Can’t be bad! Meanwhile 11m was going barmy (I clicked my memory button to have a listen from time-to-time).

Here’s a selection of recent interesting QSLs and QSOs:

VR2XMT Charlie, worked recently on 15m and 17m.

V85TL 20m

V55V 20m and 10m

9Z4BM Leon, on 10m, my first 9Z.

9M2GET 15m

BY1WXD/0 my first contact with Tibet, 17m.

All of which goes to show that there is often something doing even for a modest station.


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