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Just when you thought it was safe to beam in the right direction…

Posted by gm4uls on January 14, 2013



Yesterday at about 11:00 UTC (11am local) I decided to switch on 10m for a few minutes, to see what was doing. There were rock-crushing signals from Russia and the Ukraine – and I mean like +60dB – and there was this lone voice on 28.510, BD7IS. I noticed a couple of weird things. Firstly there was a string of stations in England working him, and I could hear every single one, which is a fairly unusual phenomenon as regards skip distance. Secondly he was almost inaudible when I set my beam to the shortest great circle path for Guangzhou, and 57 when I beamed South-West. I could only conclude that this was another example of long path propagation, totally unexpected.

The last time that I worked anyone on long path it was Australia, and I guess that means that this contact with China means in fact that my signals travelled further to a station in QSO. However, I recalled the distance travelled by my signals in the QSO with VK7ZX (see previous post).

I know none of this is outstanding, ground-breaking stuff, but I guess this blog is good for recording the minutiae of the life of an ordinary ham…


One Response to “Just when you thought it was safe to beam in the right direction…”

  1. Hans said

    Very nice!

    Long path, short path, I can’t tell the difference. Just a poor man’s vertical doing the job here.

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