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Time to blow the dust off…

Posted by gm4uls on February 19, 2013

… an old receiver.


I happened to be down South in England last weekend and dropped in on an old friend – in fact he was the guy who finally persuaded me to get my amateur license. A contemporary of mine in age, he had been licensed a decade or so before me. Sitting on his shelf was a Drake R-4C receiver. In fact it was one I had given to him a few years ago, so that he would have some form of amateur radio gear in he new apartment. However, when I visited him this time, he told me that he was surrounded by buildings full of strip-lighting, with the result that all he got on the receiver was full-scale noise 24/7. As a result he hadn’t switched the radio on in a long time, and it was just sitting there as an ornament. Well, the up-shot was that he gave it back to me, and now it is back in the family, because it was originally one of the pieces of radio gear which my late father had left to me.

It needs the cover taking off and all the dust clearing out of it. It does take power – I have connected it to the mains and ascertained that much. It comes with two copies of complete (if tatty) manuals, plus a manual for the T-4XC transmitter. If I come across one of those I might think about buying it…

As it happened, on the same trip down South I bumped into another licensed friend to whom I had given my old Sommerkamp FT-7B many years ago. It is now surplus to his requirements and I have asked him to give me first refusal if he decides to  dispose of it. If I got that rig back it would be good, because I would be able to try it out on 10m AM and compare it with my FT-847 and Anytone AT-5555-N.


2 Responses to “Time to blow the dust off…”

  1. Hans said

    That is a VERY nice receiver.

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