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My OM said ‘Follow the V’…

Posted by gm4uls on March 3, 2013

… and don’t dilly-dally on the way. Yesterday in Glasgow, just by the university, I spotted the BBC Scotland satellite link van. I didn’t have my camera, but it could well have been the one below, although this one appears to be for Radio Scotland…


… whereas the one I saw had the TV logo on it. Admittedly I was looking at the other side of the van, so it could be the same van for both links. Certainly the microwave assembly on the roof was exactly the same. I looked at the curly waveguide from down below and guessed it to be about 3cm wide.

I attracted the attention of the man and woman inside and said, “Excuse me, is your equipment operating somewhere around 10GHz?” They double-checked and confirmed that it was. It’s nice to know I can still do the necessary calculation in my head. It would have been good to have an array like that on top of Cader Berwyn, but heaven knows how we would have hauled it up.


2 Responses to “My OM said ‘Follow the V’…”

  1. Hans said

    You nerd! 😉

    Spot on calculation, proof you’re a real ham.

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