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Update on GM6MEN-L

Posted by gm4uls on April 20, 2013

I know about as much about the insides of a computer as I do about the insides of a radio, i.e. not very much. With the help of Ian (one of the ‘Know How’ guys from Perth branch of PC World) I have been exploring various ways of getting the 2m Echolink gateway at GM6MEN-L back on the air. Connecting the old PC direct to the broadband modem revealed that there does seem to be a problem with the on-board ethernet connection. The PC recognises that there is a LAN connection…


and indeed there’s a lovely green light on the back panel…

back panel 1

but still I can’t receive data from the Echolink system, can’t open a page in my browser, etc. etc.

I bought myself an ethernet card; to be specific, I bought a ‘StarTech 1-Port PCI Gigabit Ethernet Network Card’…

ethernet card

heaven knows whether it’s the correct thingamyjig, but it does fit into a convenient slot inside the computer…


(that’s it at the top of the picture, and I have actually tried it in another of the slots) and shows a green light when power is applied…

back panel 2

However, the next step is stymied by the PC refusing to put up a message saying that new hardware is detected. Inserting the driver CD doesn’t do anything, and the PC doesn’t see a LAN connection.

Now, it could well be that I, in my low-tech state, am not doing something very simple, and there is one of you out there who will point it out to me, probably in language I don’t understand. Anyway, the work continues. At least there is now less dust inside the PC, which is a positive thing.



2 Responses to “Update on GM6MEN-L”

  1. Hans said

    What happens if you remove the old network card? Two NIC’s in one PC can play tricks on you. Or do you want to bridge?

    • gm4uls said

      I was kicking that idea round in my head, but I noticed those pieces of grey ribbon lead go direct to the old network card, and there is no equivalent place to connect them on the new. I am hampered by the fact that I can only follow precise instructions, I can’t improvise.

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