GM4ULS ham radio station

a QRM-free zone!

Motorcycle portable

Posted by gm4uls on August 30, 2013

No, not motorcycle mobile – I’ve tried that with some ex-police ptt equipment hooked up to a handie-talkie on a bracket inside a pannier, and a vertical antenna mounted on the pannier, and I had to give it up because the audio through the earpiece distracted me from my roadcraft. I’m talking about hauling a portable station around by motorcycle. It’s not something I got into a lot. If you check out my bike page you’ll see my Jawa 350 + sidecar with a little Icom 2m SSB rig. It occurs to me I could have packed a more lot of kit into the sidecar. Also on a couple of occasions I took some 10GHz wide-band FM gear up to a high spot in Lancashire; the old, wooden tripod was a bit of a swine to carry safely.

Microwave station 1

Apologies for the glare on the photo.

I was reminded of the above today while discussing portable operation on 5MHz today, and in particular the alternatives to lugging a 12V battery around; a small wind turbine, such as used by caravaners, was mentioned. There was a sudden ‘break’, and our QSO was joined by a station in Lincolnshire who was ‘push-bike mobile’, and entirely solar-powered. Some days amateur radio is simply not boring!


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