GM4ULS ham radio station

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CQ EA on 60 metres

Posted by gm4uls on January 18, 2014

As Spanish amateurs now have a temporary allocation on 5MHz, I have re-set the memories on my Ten-Tec Jupiter so that I can work ‘split’ on the following frequencies, using USB:

RX 5.2665 – TX 5.2760
RX 5.2935 – TX 5.2980
RX 5.3115 – TX 5.2980
RX 5.4285 – TX 5.4035
RX 5.4375 – TX 5.4035

I hope some of our Spanish colleagues will listen on ‘my’ TX frequencies. As I type this it’s 08:00UTC and I am beginning to hear Spanish signals on 5.2935 and 5.3115, although the skip distance is still quite long, as I can hear WWCR booming in on 4.840MHz AM from Nashville TN.


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