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K1N – Navassa Island

Posted by gm4uls on February 10, 2015

Well, I worked K1N!

Yep, 16:55 on 9th Feb. on 28.305/28.330 split at 59 each way. “See you in Stirling!” said Glenn W0GJ who was on the mic at the time, meaning at the GMDX Convention. Glenn’s method of dealing with the massive pile-up was to transmit on 28.305 and listen from 28.350 down to the tx frequency, asking callers to spread out and not move. That way he managed to work stations in the clear at an astonishing rate. Of course the ‘Split Police’ were out in force on .305, but K1N was well over 59 most of the time here. I had better sign up for LoTW now, because that’s the only way I’ll get confirmation.

Meanwhile, according to DX-Summit, there was a K1N CW presence at the bottom of the band, and people were spotting it triumphantly. But it wasn’t – it was a 6Y station, and for every spot crowing about having worked Navassa there were two others putting them straight in no uncertain terms. Nevertheless there will be some mystified ops when their LoTW claim is turned down!

Having worked the rarest DXCC entity in the world – a tiny island off Haiti, claimed by Haiti and the USA – I can now sell my equipment, as there is nothing left to do! Oh wait… there are the other bands…

Pictures below are from the excellent

Glenn W0GJ at the mic.

Glenn W0GJ at the mic.

The SSB shack

The SSB shack

The K1N team at the Navassa lighthouse.

The K1N team at the Navassa lighthouse.

2 Responses to “K1N – Navassa Island”

  1. Enzo said

    Hi there, talking about your nameless one piece guitar, It’s probably an Italian artisanal product.
    If you mind to part with it, you can write me back at my mail.

    • gm4uls said

      Hello Enzo. I can’t say yes or no to the Italian origin, except that it would be unusual to find one from Italy in the middle of England (which was where I got that one). I don’t think I would ever part with it, as it is unique – in fact if the house were on fire I think it’s the one I would save! 🙂

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