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Quick eyeballs with G3YIB, G8XVV, and G6YMP

Posted by gm4uls on March 2, 2015

Just mentioning that on 1st March I met up with my old friend Mike Knowler, G3YIB, long-standing amateur and legendary House DJ at Quadrant Park, Liverpool, back in the day. We met up for fish & chips at The Swan in Southport. Mike was instrumental in getting me to apply for my amateur license, lo these many years, while I was living down in England.

Southport 28 Feb 6a G3YIB for blog

Mike, G3YIB


Previously, on the 28th Feb, I had a lovely evening with Phil and Diane Hutchinson, G8XVV & G6YMP, who – also back in the day – introduced me to my wife! The occasion was a reunion of some of my wife’s old school-friends, at Mama Mia Italian restaurant, also in Southport.

Phil, G8XVV

Phil, G8XVV

Diane, G6YMP

Diane, G6YMP

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