GM4ULS ham radio station

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GM4ODW at work on my antenna system in 2010, image (c) GM4ULS

I am hoping to develop this site into one that will interest the people I contact on amateur radio.

Amateur radio is a hobby that has largely been overtaken by the technology of the 21st century. When kids can use mobile phones and lap-top computers to talk to each other instantly all over the world, what is the point of their balding dads and uncles shouting into a microphone, hoping to beat other operators in making a ten-second contact with someone on a remote atoll? Where’s the fun in talking to a faceless voice in Miami when his teenage youngsters have their whole lives on Myspace or Facebook, and chatter for hours on Skype?

Well, I have no idea. I look at what I do rather like fishing by radio. there is an element of chance. I am at the mercy of a whole combination of natural phenomena, which I try to surf with radio waves. Radio waves are still a mystery to many people – if they are waves, what are they waves in? If they are particles, what are they particles of ? Blowed if I know.

Me in 1968

I have been fascinated by this natural phenomenon and by the uses people put it to since I was a youngster myself. Why could I hear American Forces Network during the early morning but lost it as the sun rose? Why did Radio Luxembourg fade in and out as they played the latest pop records? Why could I hear Radio Moscow and the BBC on the same place on my radio dial during the winter? What were all these muffled voices and indistinct morse code signals I could hear when I tuned the dial down past all the broadcast stations?

For me it wasn’t the technology, it was the medium first of all (I listened to Radio Caroline and the other pirate stations in the 1960s), and then the natural phenomenon. In my teens I had two ambitions. To own and ride a big motorcycle, and to operate a radio station. I never thought I would do either. I do both.


What else influenced me? Well, there was Tony Hancock… I dare say that name means nothing to younger people and those to whom the influence of BBC’s black-and-white TV days, but he was the quintessential tragic-comic comedian who, in one blissfully funny sketch, epitomized the lonely man hunched over a box full of glowing valves. “Friends all over the world… none round here…”

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