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I have a small collection of guitars. It won’t grow any bigger, because I don’t play very well; with a small collection like this there’s a guarantee that I’ll pick up each of them and plonk out a few chords fairly regularly.

Below is a Hohner HW-420G dreadnought-style acoustic. It’s a cheap model, but it plays well and has a nice, loud tone.

The next one is a Paul Reid Smith Santana. I picked it up cheaply at a second-hand shop in Dundee. It has a lovely, warm, mellow tone and would make a fine axe for a jazz player.

Number 3 is a Hofner Congress from 1964. Click on the picture for more information.

Next one up if a very basic vamper, a Hofner Square Dance from 1954, bought new by my dad. Click on the picture to find out more.

This is a “Guermantes” Spanish guitar, another one bought by my dad in 1954, from Ivor Mairants’ shop in London. I can find out nothing about the name. The guitar is most likely to have been made in one of the post-war guitar factories in Valencia; the label could even have been made for Ivor Mairants. This was many years before the Trades Descriptions Act.

Next is my Fender Telecaster. It’s a 1996 ’52 Reissue.

This is my Fender Stratocaster. The serial number indicates that it’s a 1983 model, the configuration says it ought to be a Dan Smith; however, having looked inside it, I am sure that it isn’t a Dan Smith. My guess is that it is a neck from one guitar and the body from another.

The next one is a bass by Oakland. I was given this guitar and I can find out nothing about it. It plays really well.

Last of all is a “project” guitar. I thought it might have been a Gordon-Smith, but G-S Guitars say it isn’t, although they kindly worked on it for me. The body, neck, and headstock are made from a single piece of mahogany, and there is a date mark “1977”. Any ideas? Most suggestions so far point to its being a home-made copy of a double-cutaway Gibson Les Paul. Here are several views:

This view shows clearly the one-piece construction…

The rear plate, like the pick-guard, was made for me by G-S; the machine heads are not the original ones (you can see the screw holes); there is a serial number and a date of 1977 on the rear of the headstock…

I have no information about the pick-ups – they work, and the guitar sounds okay. I would be grateful if anyone comes up with information about this axe…

Apart from all the above, there are the couple of guitars my daughter owns – a Squier Strat and an Epiphone Hummingbird..

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