GM4ULS ham radio station

a QRM-free zone!

In the shack

shack2014The shack is looking leaner than it has for years. On the left is its state in 2014. The Rigblaster Pro that was driving the MB7APT-L Echolink gateway has been taken out of service, and the PC failed and was earmarked for a junk sale. The current shack is below. The main addition, sitting in the space once occupied by the FL-2100z amplifier (currently ‘on the bench’ with GM8KPH, waiting for a pair of 572B/T160L valves), is an Icom IC-7300, which is now my main HF/6m/4m rig. Flanking it are my Yaesu FT-101ZD trx and FC-902 ATU. On the top is my Yaesu G-450C rotator control, and my LDG IT-100 automatic ATU. To the right is a Macbook displaying an SSTV programme. On the desk is an Icom SM-30 microphone for the IC-7300. Sitting out of sight behind that are two handies – my Yaesu VX-7R and the VX-5 belonging to MM3YVQ. Below the desk is a Yaesu FT-7900 for 2m/70cm FM.

2020-05-30 01 shack shot


Where’s the rest?

Realistic DX-394 receiver.
Yaesu FT-1802E 2m transceiver.
Anytone AT-5555 10m transceiver.

‘On the bench’:
Ten-Tec 538 Jupiter, HF transceiver.
Yaesu FT-847, HF/6m/4m/2m/70cm transceiver.
MFJ-993B automatic ATU. Gubbed!

The main antenna system is an MA5B mini-beam for 20m to 10m, mounted on a Tennamast 10m Adapt-A-Mast – see below. I currently do not have antennas for frequencies below 20m, or for 4m. On 160m I have occasionally used a snake antenna, which I dare say I could press into use on the other bands.

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