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Posted by gm4uls on March 20, 2015


Folk gather around 'Aslan's Table' on Kinnoull Hill, to watch the Eclipse.

Folk gather around ‘Aslan’s Table’ on Kinnoull Hill, to watch the Eclipse.

Today, rather than observe the effect of a 95% eclipse on the D-layer, MM3YVQ and I decided to climb up Kinnoull Hill and see what it looked like. We were badly-prepared. My couple of pieces of card with a hole poked in one of them didn’t give much of an idea of how the eclipse was progressing, and neither of my cameras had any sort of filtering. There were crowds of people (and dogs) coming and going, armed with an assortment of posh photographic gear or ingenious cardboard lash-ups. But the eclipse itself was rather disappointing. We kept waiting for it to get dark, but although the light dimmed a little, our shadows still remained sharp and the sun bright. Only when some light cloud passed very briefly by could we see, for a split second, the moon’s disk against the sun. We’ll be better prepared next time. We only have to wait until 2090.

MM3YVQ at Kinnoull trig point today.

MM3YVQ at Kinnoull trig point today.


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