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Sometimes someone sends you a cracker!

Posted by gm4uls on May 30, 2020

This card arrived today in a small bundle from my QSL Manager. It is probably the most flamboyant piece of “wallpaper” I have ever received. Thanks, Eric.

I have also just acquired an LDG IT-100 automatic ATU. This works very well with the IC-7300, which was a little unhappy at certain band edges. It tunes very quickly but, unlike my (dead) MFL-993B, does not simply work from your transmission and remember its setting, it requires you to hit the tuning button every time you arrive on a frequency with a problematic SWR. It does remember that it tuned there before, or that it tuned to a close frequency, but it still requires a push of the button.* The IT-100 tunes up to 6m, so while the sporadic E season lasts, I’m thinking of employing a coax switch, so that I can use my temporary dipole. I’m not a great believer in having lossy devices in line, but I will do some comparative tests.

[Edit: The tuner did not like looking into the coax switch, so I’m thinking again.]

[Edit: *Only if you don’t read the blinkin’ instructions!]

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QSL time

Posted by gm4uls on August 23, 2015

I haven’t been on the air much this summer, so I had an opportunity to catch up with all the ‘direct’ QSL cards I had been meaning to send for some time. Many of the people I had contacted were very quick to send cards back, so I’ve recently received ‘wallpaper’ from, amongst others:

9Y4D, 9M2ESM, E20WXA, NH2DX, C5A, NH0J, HS0ZIN, UN7BEW, RA0AFG, KH0XG, CX7CO, OD5ZZ, P40L, J79MM, ZD8X, HI3MRV, P40A, S012WS, XE2CQ, AH0BT, and HK3C. Thank you, friends.



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